I come from Belgium where I was born in 1972. After my studies and and a few years of several professional experiences I decided to go to Spain, that was in 2000. It was supposed to be for a short period …. well 15 years after I am still here.

I traveled a lot in my life, and I have been a bit everywhere. Thanks to my parents first of all who loved to travel and took us, my sister, my brother and I everywhere.  They probably passed my the virus.   From the USA to Africa passing through Middle East and Europe of course.

My interests are vast. First thing to come in my mind is Photography. I love taking pictures, to catch the light and steal the moments as they come. . I love art in general and I am very curious about ancient cultures and architectures, in other words I love old stones… .  Traveling and meeting new people is of course one of my interest.  Travel means discovering new places, new culture, wonderful sites and sights.

I just want to share some of my passions.