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A Special evening….Night

After receiving the message from Axelle asking me if I was already in Chiang Mai I immediately answered that I was still in Sukhothai and that I was planned to leave to Chiang Mai the following morning.  I then receive a new message from Axelle […]

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Back to Ayuthaya

Today nothing very interesting, I took my train back to Ayuthaya from Korat.  5 hours in the train looking by the window as the weather is still covered by clouds and very dark. But in the train you never get bored anyway.  Every stop is […]

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    Finally I arrive at Korat.  Korat is the abbreviation for Nakhon Ratchasima.  It is much shorter but most of all much easier to remember. Korat has nothing really it is a medium large city, capital of the province which has the same name.  It is […]

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