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Here it comes…. closer and closer …. In 10 days I will be in Bangkok….

Am I ready?  Not sure… I have traveled a lot and it is always the same… you are never ready until you have reached your destination.

Do I have a plan…..?  Yes I have planned many many things, too much certainly.

I am very optimistic for my three weeks across the country as you can see.

Here is the the plan:

29.10: 17h Departure Madrid
30.10: 19h Arrival Bkk
31.10: BKK

01.11: BKK
02.11: BKK Departure to Ayuthaya
03.11: Ayuthaya
04.11: Ayuthaya Khoa Yai national parc
05.11: Khoa Yai  Khorat
06.11: Phimai
07.11: Phanom Rung
08.11: Khorat Ayuthaya Sukhothai
09.11: Sukhothai
10.11: Sukhothai
11.11: Sukhothai Si Satchanalai Historical Park
12.11: Si Satchanalai Historical Park
13.11: Chiang Mai
14.11: Chiang Mai
15.11: Chiang Mai CNX 13:00 Phuket
16.11: Phuket
– Phang Nga Bay. Boat day trip
17.11: Phuket
– Phi Phi Islands Boat day trip
18.11: Phuket
– 20:35 departure Bangkok BKK
19.11: 9h Departure BKK
19.11: 20h Madrid

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