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Yet it is my second day …. As I could not get to the Royal palace the day before, and as it is the first day of opening since last 13th of October when King Bhumibol Adulyadej died, I expected it would be crowded and that it would be preferable to reach the palace as soon as possible.

As usual (I speak for myself) I can’t stop turning left and right instead of going straight to my destination.  I absolutely don’t regret this behaviour…. Ok I was not as early as I thought at the palace, but in-between I managed to discover some other temples which I still have to place on the map to be able to name them.

Finally the palace is in sight, ans just as the day before, all trafic is prohibited around it.  Also, the respectful parade of black dresses, Tshirts and suits is still going on in the parc opposite the palace.  As I try to get closer and enter it, a member of the security stops any person getting nearby.  The Royal Guard is going out of the palace.

Finally I get inside and Believe me it was worth waiting and queuing:

After the palace I head toward the river to take the ferry and go across.  Before reaching to the pear… the invisible pear… i come across street food stands and couldn’t resist….


It is time to find the pear and reach Wat Arun on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River.  I nearly walk away when a little voice tells me go further and just have a look…. Lucky me … e few steps further, at the end of what looks more like a shop, or a covered market stands the pear and a view on the temple.  Sadly it is in refection and it is dressed by some metallic structure.

On my way back, I could not resist of a drink on this little bar above the waters facing the temple.

To go back home I decide to go along the river through local shops and markets.

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