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I am still looking for a mobile pone prepaid card as they are no longer available from 7/11 as mentioned in many several blogs about Thailand. After asking to the receptionist from the hotel she told me I could get one in a mobile phone shop in the Mall at about 10 min walking distance from the hotel. Well I never saw such a Mall, it is a real “démesure” and they told me it is not the biggest one….


Well 10 min walk in Bangkok, it is as much as 3.000 proposals for a “tailor made Suit”, 2.000 proposals for a massage and 1.000 proposals for sex or marriage.

Today my plan is to go to Ayuthaya, originally by boat, but according to the time I spent in the mall it became risky to attempt it. So I decided to go by train.

Pricing is so fluctuant in Thailand. On the way to the mall I saw several advertisements for private transport to Ayuthaya, all from 2.000 THB up to 3.000THB while train cost only 250 THB. I ask to the taxi driver posted in front of the hotel how much he would charge to take me to the main train station, and again all is about negotiation. I preferred to take a taxi to reach the station as I had my big duffle bag with me and I didn’t want to cross BKK in public transport with it. Pricing started at 500THB for the station, and I managed to drop it to 150 THB……

I am the king of the negotiation….

Well that is what I thought, until once inside the taxi the driver asks me where am I planned to go. I say Ayuthaya…. That is exactly the moment when I lost the control “Ohhh I can drive you there” tells the taxi driver, I just say “no thanks I will take the train” him to reply “well you know trains are crowded at this time and it is not sure you will get the possibility to do it if you have not booked your ticket … have you got your ticket?” … “no” am I obliged to answer this question with true sincerity and an ounce of sudden stress…. “well I can drive you there for 1.000 THB” I am thinking it is half the minimum price I saw in the surroundings, and I didn’t want to loose the chance to reach Ayuthaya today so I accepted the deal.

But suddenly as we are driving on the highway and a new information cam from the driver: “you will have to pay the toll” as we are arriving to the gate…. HahAHaahahah! (sarcastic)

Well at the end I had to pay another extra 300 THB for the way and back.

The relief was to come to the guest house promoted in “lonely Planet” which appears to be exactly as described in the guide, a quiet place surrounded by gardens.

What a change compared with the crowd and hyper-activity of BKK.

So finally I can have my first steps in Ayuthaya … After a quick shower I head towards the center and there round a corner, I have my first sight, my first temple from the ancient capital of Thailand.


I walk around amazed by what I see. The sun is going down so I stay there, sit and admire the beauty of the site with the light slowly going down.

As the sun is gone, it is time to walk away and discover some more. I just walk along the walls of the temple when at the next corner along the road a street market.

It is incredible to walk trough, colors and scents mixing all together, all what you want to do is taste everything.


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