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First morning in Ayuthaya.  The guest house is just fantastic.  What a change with Bangkok.  I decide to chill out a little bit and enjoy the garden.  I take time to write some posts and review my pictures.

Early afternoon I decide to go to the city and visit some more from Ayuthaya.  The first impression of yesterday invited me for more.

I go back to the temple I left after sunset to see it again in plain light.  I am so amazed by the beauty of those ruins.

The guest house organise a Tuk-Tuk tour of the ruins that last about 2 hours so I decide to slowly walk back home.

Going out of the site I met Steven Seagal.  A man is coming towards me and and offer me to drive me with his tuk-tuk.  I smile at him and tell him I will walk to my hotel.  He then asks my name and tell me I am Seagal.  I reply and tell him my name.  I look at him with more attention and indeed he really looks like Steven Seagal.  So I smile even more and tell him ” Seagal… Steven Seagal?”  He removes his  cap turn around and proudly show me his pony tail.  Yes indeed it a Thai copy of Steven Seagal.


We chat a little more but as the time is passing I tell him I have to go as my hotel organises a tour of the ruins.  Straight away he told the name of my hotel and added a few comments telling me they do it too late in the afternoon and that it is a pity not enjoying more of the day light for such a tour and added of course I can take you now and you will see more and better.

So the king of negotiation is again at his best… 🙂 Of course he could not be as low as the tour organised by the Hotel, but I also knew from the hotel owner that the offered price was only if minimum 4 persons would take the tour.  So I managed to reduce his proposal from 50% …  and off we go discovering Ayuthaya with Steven Seagal.

After Steven dropped me back home, we agreed for another tour the next day.

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