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As agreed the previous day Steven Seagal is there in front of the gate at 9AM.  And off we go for the temple run.  We expect to visit 7 or 8 additional temples today.

I must say I am very impressed by Ayuthaya, first it is much bigger then what I expected.  According to the guide map I thought everything was at a walking distance, but truly it isn’t.  But most of all it is an open air museum, the number of ruins, temples, Chedi’s and other monuments is impressive.  Everywhere you go, every garden, every roundabout is filled with old remains of buildings.  This shows how important Ayuthaya must have been at its best.

I would like to provide more information on each temple I saw, but therefore I will need more time.  I will certainly do it in the future, but in the meantime here are some picture of what has been my day.

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