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Today nothing very interesting, I took my train back to Ayuthaya from Korat.  5 hours in the train looking by the window as the weather is still covered by clouds and very dark.

But in the train you never get bored anyway.  Every stop is a new meal offer coming in, you can have anything you want.  Food is such a great thing about Thailand.  They eat all the time and it is always fresh and delicious.  So far I never had any deception… even in the train…

Back in Ayuthaya where rain cames again.  I am back in the guest house I left a few days ago.  It is such a nice place, very quiet and you meet very interesting people.  I met a couple from Belgium with whom we continue our trip for a while till Sukhotai.  Another french couple with whom we decided we would cross again in Chiang Mai,


After a nice evening chilling out in the city I met 2 very nice french girls on the way back to the guest house.  They were lost and we decided to walk together as their hotel was not far from mine.  We stoped at the little Thai bar Chiringuito next door where we enjoyed a few Thai Whiskies rebuilding the world.

Traveling alone is about meeting people and that is what I really like.  locals of course like my Tuk tuk drivers, bar attendants, the waitress who comes to you with her mobile phone showing you the google translate screen from Thai to English  asking if she can buy you one of your cigarillos,  train controllers who assist you whatever happens, or leave her ticket office in the station, cross all platforms just to tell you that the train will arrive on platform 3 and not 2 as sheduled, or anybody around you, smiling at you.  I must say that here in Thailand people are so kind, so attentional, I am so happy to discover this country and its people.

Also you meet travellers like me from all over the world.  I met people from Spain, from Belgium, from France, from Canada, from United states, well in other words from everywhere… all backpackers from all generations discovering Thailand, sharing the same passion for travelling, meeting people and curious to discover other cultures with a great past.

Next morning I wake up and go round the corner to have a coffee.  And guess who is there…. Steven Seagal 🙂 So I decided to go round the city again with him to discover what I did not had the chance to visit yet.

This time it is the Portuguese district with its catholic church and cemetery.  Portuguese where the first European to come and establish a community in Ayuthaya.  Then the dutch house which in fact has nothing really interesting, but I could not miss it… 🙂

After this back to the historic park for a night walk, dinner on the night market and back to the guesthouse for a short night as my bus to Sukothai leaves at 7AM.



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  1. Trop envie de connaitre la suite du voyage. Merci pour ce partage 🙂

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