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After walking around on the Sunday Market I go back in the surroundings of my hotel where many bars and restaurants are located. While I take a beer in a bar I send a message to tell the girls where my Hotel is so we can maybe have a drink together in the surroundings. One hour later I receive a reply. I start to chat with Axelle on Messenger as I am having dinner in a restaurant just beside the hotel. I ask their plan for the evening and where they were. She directly answered me “at your hotel in the lobby using the computer at the reception.” I could not stop laughing. In fact, they came to the hotel asked for me and as I was not in my room asked if they could use the computer and the wifi from the lobby while waiting for me. As I was about to finish my meal it took not very long to be with them again.
We decide to go for a drink in a local bar, we walk along the several bars and stop in one that looks not to bad and has nice offers. We sit outside on the terrace in front of the street. Well outside… all bars are completely open so it is not difficult to feel outside…
As we are drinking our beers and rebuilding the world as usual with Axelle, I suddenly hear my name coming from the street… I turn my head towards the voice and who is there … Kenzo and Valerie.
What an unexpected meeting! We lost track a couple of days ago already in Sukhothai. I knew they were here but I never thought we would fell on each other in the street just like this, what a surprise. I immediately invite them to join us and make the usual introductions…
As the table is not large enough for all of us we move to the end of the bar in the garden where one table is installed. Beside the kitchen in the grass with enough seats for us 5 around it, and where we can smoke, as we are all smokers….

The evening is going on fine, we laugh a lot and have a lot of fun, we talk about our experiences, adventures and misadventures. We really have a good moment until suddenly we hear screaming in the kitchen beside us and the entire staff running outside waving their hands and shouting.
We all freeze wondering what is happening. We look around trying to find answers and finally the lady behind the bar comes and tell us that there is a very dangerous and poisonous snake in the kitchen…. And that they don’t know where it is now. We all stand up in a fraction of a second! I see Valerie and Axelle climbing on chairs inside the bar while the lady behind the bar is giving phone calls. We can feel the tension… they explain us that they are now waiting for the “snake Busters” who will come and capture the snake.

Finally, the team arrives… we see 2 then 3 then 4 people coming, local police is also joining … all searching for the snake.


They are looking in the kitchen, then in the garden, at the exact spot where we were siting. Axelle and Valerie have not moved from their chair; they are still standing on it carefully watching what is happening as the “experts” are searching everywhere.

It was surrealistic… searching a snake in the grass with no light but a torch they borrowed to Valerie using tools from the past century, ….we really felt safe at that moment…,


especially when they went away without finding any snake, leaving us with all our fears.




We finished our evening back in the front of the bar until it was time to close….

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