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This space is about sharing my passions. I love to travel and discover new horizons. I love to capture the light that is surrounding me, to steal all those moments that only happen once. I love to eat and to cook, to taste new flavours, to try local food and go to restaurants. This blog is about sharing all what I like. I hope you will enjoy :)

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Xativa and surroundings

At about one hour drive from Valencia and one and a half from Alicante, Xativa is situated inland n the middle of the Valencia Province. Xativa is the cradle of the Borjas long and before that an economic center in the Roman times, famous for […]

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It’s not only about beaches

Unfortunately the image people have of the Valencian community is mainly it’s coast line, sand beaches and mass tourist locations such as Benidorm.  I would say that authorities have marketed their region that way for  decades.  But the Valencian Community is not only that.  My […]

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Yi Peng in Chang Mai

The Yi Peng or Yee Peng (local name) is part of the festival of lights in Northern Thailand to show respect to Buddha. This date usually coincides with Loi Krathong which is celebrated everywhere in Thailand releasing floating lights on water.  Yi Peng  is different […]

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Drôle de rencontres

After walking around on the Sunday Market I go back in the surroundings of my hotel where many bars and restaurants are located. While I take a beer in a bar I send a message to tell the girls where my Hotel is so we […]

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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is in the north of Thailand.  It is not to be compared with what I have seen so far.  It is a beautiful city, bust most of everything the mentality is totally different.  Chiang Mai is very easy going, a kind of hippie […]

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A Special evening….Night

After receiving the message from Axelle asking me if I was already in Chiang Mai I immediately answered that I was still in Sukhothai and that I was planned to leave to Chiang Mai the following morning.  I then receive a new message from Axelle […]

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After spending the day in the bus I finely arrive in Sukhothai.  I am not alone as I joined Valérie and Kenzo I met at the Ayuthaya guesthouse.  They had a reservation already in Sukhothai so I decided to follow them and check for availability […]

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Back to Ayuthaya

Today nothing very interesting, I took my train back to Ayuthaya from Korat.  5 hours in the train looking by the window as the weather is still covered by clouds and very dark. But in the train you never get bored anyway.  Every stop is […]

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Phanom Rung

I wake up in my hotel room, pack my stuff and it is time to go to Phanom Rung the other Khmer temple at the border of Cambodia. After a nice evening with expats it is now time to go ahead. I get out and […]

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Phimai and back to Korat for a surprise

After the hard day of yesterday (hard evening also :)) I go back to Dimitri’s place for a strong Greek coffee. I take the opportunity of their wireless internet connection to write some lines on the blog.  The weather is not as good as yesterday, […]

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